Acrylic Powder Clear 45 g


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Acrylic Powder for Nail Reconstruction and Coating
Monomers (liquids) and polymers (powders) are components of the two-phase system for creating artificial nails without the use of a UV/LED lamp.


Prepare the natural nails. Pour a small amount of MAJIDA ACRYLIC LIQUID monomer into the appropriate cup or container. To prepare the brush, dip it into the monomer until the bristles are completely soaked and the air comes out.
Dry it on the appropriate napkin.

To create the nail bed coverage, dip the brush in the monomer and squeeze the brush over the edge of the cup, leaving the right amount of liquid on the brush.
Drag the tip of the brush over the surface of the MAJIDA ACRYLIC POWDER to create the desired size "ball". Wait for the mixture to become homogeneous. The "ball" should have a soft, round and satin finish.

Proceed with application as described below:

1. To create the FRENCH effect
Place the "ball" created with MAJIDA ACRYLIC POWDER SUPER WHITE in the centre of the build-up powder at the point where the "free edge" will begin. Apply light pressure to ensure adhesion of the product to the nail surface, creating a "free edge" of the desired shape, length and thickness. Perfect the "smile line" with the tip of the brush to achieve maximum precision.

2. Place another "ball" in the centre of the nail slightly above the "smile line" using your choice of MAJIDA ACRYLIC POWDER COVER PEACH, SHELL or CLEAR powders. Shape the product to create an even coverage while respecting the architecture of the desired shape.

3. Finishing the product.
After complete polymerisation of the product, carry out precision finishing using the appropriate files in the correct sequence, starting with the coarsest grits and working up to the smoothest ones. Ensure that the product is not in contact with the cuticles. Apply MAJIDA TOP DRY or MAJIDA TOP BRIGHT as desired to complete the build-up. Proceed with complete curing. At the end of the treatment, to restore the hydrolipidic film, apply one of the MAJIDA CUTICLE OIL to the cuticle area massaging lightly until completely absorbed.

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